Yours, Saboo

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4 years of Sabiam.
2012, the 20th of October, was just another day to me intended to expend as per my usual routine. Little did I know then, that the day would be the beginning of something so momentous.
Attentively sat at the front of my accounting class and as usual the backbenchers were disturbing, my attention was time and again disrupted by the chaotic background noise. Irritated, I turned back to glare at them. My eyes, however, had other ideas. They decided to fix themselves on the guy making most of the noise. All thoughts left me, I was no longer bothered by his disturbance. In that moment I forgot everything. I was in between a lecture and needed to look away from his sparkling eyes and amazing smile, focus on anything but his voice, his laughter, his expressions. I had an instant crush on that amazing guy.
From that day onwards, I turned into a bit of a stalker. I waited eagerly in every class for him to arrive and to see his face and snuck glances at him during classes every now and then. He also caught me staring multiple times, all of which resulted in me furiously blushing and looking away. Finally, one day I gathered up the courage to talk to him and he acted quite moody that time. Naturally hurt, I thought to myself, ’No need of all these, I am better off without relationship and its problems. I won’t ever speak to him again.’ Didn’t speak to him again but couldn’t even stop noticing him also.
On the 18th of November, he sent me a friend request. I hadn’t recognized him first and decided to scroll through his profile and once I had figured out who he was, my happiness knew no bounds. It was as if I am falling for him over again. I accepted his request but didn’t dare to knock him. In the next few days, I noticed him staring at me as well. One night, he knocked me. It totally made my day, I felt like I was floating. We finally had our first proper conversation that night.
Gradually, the conversation got longer, enroute to getting to know each other. On 29th November, we went out for lunch at Boomers – you might call it an unofficial date. He was dressed in a loose black full sleeve t-shirt that brought out his brown eyes I couldn’t look away from, especially when the sunlight caught it. Then on 5th December, 1 a. m, he sent me a text which changed my world forever, ‘I love you’. I was startled and couldn’t believe my eyes. I called him and asked, ‘What did you just say? It’s freaking me out!’ I didn’t knew what to say as I was in shock. He said, ‘I said, I love you. What’s your answer to that? Yes or no!?’ and I said yes without any second thoughts. That’s when our love story began.
Our relationship was going really smoothly, until I decided to let my family know about him after several weeks ‘cause I didn’t want them to know from other people. We had lot of problems and restrictions that time but when my family saw and realized that he was a good guy, they accepted him. But even after that, we went through many difficulties, not because of us, but for other people. But we always stayed together facing all the difficulties. We grew up together, struggled together but we never abandoned each other in the process.
I won’t say that he never hurt me, he did, be that intentionally / unintentionally. But later on he always made it up to me in the sweetest ways possible which is very commendable. Whenever I have made any mistake or hurt him, he always forgiven me and encouraged me to be a better person. He is a completely different person from the one he was 4 years back. He discarded many things about him that I didn’t like just for the sake of my happiness. We went through numerous ups and downs and today we are completing 4 years of togetherness, Alhamdulillah. He has been with me through every sad and happy phase of my life, being my strength, my shoulder to cry on. He held my hand in 2012 making everything okay and since then made my world a better place.
Happy 4th anniversary Siam Al Aqil. I don’t know what I would do without you. Thanks for coming into my life and make it worth living. I love you and marry me soon.