The girl who is preparing herself to be your wife

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I never knew you would mean so much to me. I know probably this is really stupid but yes I do. Do you have any idea what did you do to me? It's like wow my single life isn't boring because you are in it. I know it doesn't ever bother to you if you ever bump into me or something but you know I consider myself as a lucky girl whenever I get to see at least a little glimpse of yours.
I know you would never be bothered but do you have any idea how much I trying to make myself be a better person for you. I have your photos saved. I keep on seeing your story several times. I know it doesn't matter to you whenever I seek for your attention. But your little attention towards me gives me hundredth times happiness. To be honest I am going through a lot of depression quite these days, but damn you, one reply and it worked like weed, letting me forget every sorrows and sad things and making me live in my dreams.
To be honest I really get jealous whenever I see you with someone, I mean nyaa they can't be this lucky. You boy, you probably have no idea what you are to me but I know what you are to me and how much you are important. I continuously tell myself to give and get over you as you don't give me that much importance and attention, but whenever I try to give you up and go try talking with other guys, you are the guy I try to search for in them. You're face, your smile ,your hair everything. I am totally stuck between letting go and staying back. It's been like six months since I like you like hell and then there is you totally being unaware of that. I am in love with you alright? I have fallen for you. No one has ever made me this blush just like you did. No one could ever make me this much happy.
Even if you don't like me, I would still wait. Wait till you realise how much I am in love with you. How much you are important to me. And you know why?? Because you are worth the wait. You are perfect. You are the type of guy I always wanted.