Syeda Fatema Rahman

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From having a yearning to store trivial things as a frivolous little schoolgirl to storing coins,then to storing lighters after it has lit,in all likelihood,the thousandth cigarette or joint or whatsoever. I've changed,yes I've been spoilt,but only by my own damn self.
Nonetheless, society manifesting nonsense judgements and questioning one's wits,sagacity,dignity on the basis of how others speak of that person shows that they lack proper discernment. Little do they know their actions might be causing people to struggle on the brink of an abyss where there is a fusion of negative emotions down it. Degrading someone without knowing him/her personally is a fools task,it won't get you anywhere. Beloved society,can't you read between the lines? Is the world inhabited by a majority of dull and vacuous human beings? Or is this majority,i.e. society,up to this time,moulded by the outdated norms of a 'culture' still so conventional,yet dubious?
Humanity is bound to oblige people to decide what's right by what's right,instead of encouraging dimwitted stereotypes to take those decisions for us. We evolve past our outdated norms and dispositions,we don't exclude people based on their dire circumstances or their misinterpreted personality traits. So yes-your habits,strangers' negative judgements,don't define who you are,but your brilliant disposition,talents and virtues,accomplishments do. The name they created for you does not define who you are,but it's the name which you acquired at birth that does. Life is about realising the consequences of your mistakes and actually gaining sophistication from them,it's falling and getting right back up-being resilient,yet alongside utilising your own potential,pushing yourself to your limit,taking bold risks if necessary,and ofcoarse being the best you.