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This story is about two similar fail cases that ended differently. And the cause is, well, the most viscous monster known to us, Bangladeshis... admission exam.
Both of them were the only child of their parents. Reared with all the love their parents could give them. Everyone had high hopes for them. So when they couldn't get into any public universities, both of their parents were disappointed. More like sad for their sons. But they knew that those two did their best. And luck just didn't favor them. The boys were consoled by their dads and moms. They were not blamed or scolded. And yet they felt like failures. In the eye of society, their parents, every living thing that could sense their existence.
They had never went through something like that before. They kept on thinking about killing themselves off every 2 minutes. Ultimately what happened? One of them kept his sanity and pulled through. The other? Hanged himself.
So the question is,what made the difference? After all, the situations were almost identical. You see, the one that pulled through, his father was a rich businessman. And the one that couldn't, his father was a farmer from a small village.
Even though their parents treated them the same way about their results, the farmer's son felt more responsible and pressure. His father gave everything he could to his son even when he had no money to spare. The boy knew that. And he felt the responsibility to pay his parents back. For their generosity, love and faith in him. This kind of responsibility and motivation cannot be apprehended by everyone. And so he took the failure upon himself. He felt like garbage. An extra baggage for his family. So he decided upon freeing them from the pain of another worthless mouth to feed.
Now of course he wasn't a baggage to his family. But at that moment this was a lot to take for him due to the atmosphere he grew up in. We always say that suicide is for cowards. But you see, it's not always about being a coward. Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Not everyone can have their life set by their predecessors.
And so, not everyone can overcome the pain, the feeling of helplessness... uselessness. Not everyone has the capability of shaking off the tag of a failure given by society and start everything all over again so smoothly. So yes. Maybe you haven't been in their shoes. May be you still won't get it. I mean what's the point of this whole story?
Let's just keep it simple. This world is not fair for everyone. So don't take anything for granted. And do not judge others so quickly by comparing to your own lifestyle and story. We don't even have the slightest idea about how messed up someone's life can be.