The Maverick

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The Batman or the Dark Knight has always been an idol of mine since the moment I felt God had abandoned me. The superhero was not only a symbol of true justice but a watchful protector and a silent guardian. Yes, copied Commissioner Gordon's last words from the movie 'The Dark Knight.' But does a hero necessarily have to possess warrior-like qualities to rescue anyone?
My home is a beautiful place: bedbugs won't stop saying goodnight every single night, the food loved to give off a rank aura whenever it came off the stove, the teachers/guardians couldn't stop practicing their whipping skills on the children and adolescents until their hands started aching...Nah, i don't want to develop any sympathy or pity in you. So basically it was an orphanage - even a dimwit can guess that was an understatement - providing 'shelter and support for destitute children'. Too many lies in one sentence, eh?
Due to being aged above 15 years, I was allowed to work in the one of the local butcher shops to make an earning for myself. With the help of savings, I purchased movie tickets to watch the Batman trilogy whenever I had the opportunity.
'How much for the leg, young man?'
I looked up in awe; never had anyone addressed me in this manner in the past.
'That will be 17 dollars and 76 cents, Sir.'
As the gentleman began fishing through his wallet, I stole a look: his getup was simple, a cheap beige suit over light denim jeans and a golfer hat rested on his head. He finally handed me a 20 dollar note and smiled:
'Keep the change.'
I sometimes used to hang around the local basketball court. Sometimes, a group of teenagers - assumably aged around 13 to 16 years - used to enjoy a game or two. The most astonishing thing of all was that I was warmly welcomed to join them, rather than be completely left alone and ignored as a stranger.
I sent a mail to the AAHC (Association for Aiding Helpless Children) to send some books for the children in our 'orphanage.' Obviously, I expected a very late response from them.
I was wrong. While finishing a regular day shift in the meat shop, a man wearing a gray uniform approached.
'Excuse me, Sir, do you happen to be the one who posted a letter regarding donation of books to your orphanage?'
I nodded blankly. He introduced himself as an officer of the AAHC and asked me to lead the way to the orphanage.
Thanks to the bright and future - saving idea that popped in my head, the orphanage is a much better place. The official discovered that the children there were abused and neglected of their basic needs. We all got better guardians/teachers and free lessons, tutorials and books were imparted by the strict supervision of the AAHC.
'A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders, to let him know the world hadn't ended.' That was Bruce Wayne's last words in the movie 'The Dark Knight Rises.' Hence, a hero can be anyone: from a person who puts a smile on your face to the people who makes your life worth living when you think death is your only escape.
Lastly, I never forgot to pray God since the day I landed in that s*ithole of an 'orphanage.' And God did not cease to listen.