S. B.

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Some wounds never heal.
It's very hard to look back at the past and see the promises. It hurts. Should I call them "fake"? Or should I just say your love wasn't that strong. How can a person love two people at a time? If you loved me truly, why didn't you feel my absence when she covered up your world. Is this what we call love? To give everything and get nothing without pain. I loved you, I trusted you, I kept you above all and you didnt take a second to talk about me to that "uncontrollable" girl. You once said if I do anything wrong your belief in love will be gone forever then how come I still gather up the courage to only love you. Maybe because this is what true love is, to love till the end. What was wrong? Can you answer? We were so happy then why did you have to do this? She left you right then how come she became so important to you? You said I was your everything, how can that change? Now I know everything does change. You just need to stop caring about things, you will be happy.