Words by A. Ahmed

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Behind all these smiles, there is so much pain which no one can see. When someone says "I wish I could be like you." and deep inside you're like, "If only you could know how my life actually is." But you simply smile. Everyone thinks of how wonderful and exciting your life is. Well, they are not to be blamed. You live abroad and study there, which kind of means you're happy. You post pictures where you're smiling, which also mean that you're happy. But only you know that those smiles are just temporary. Only you know how hard is living far away from your family and friends, especially when they mean the world to you. You crave for their presence, keep on thinking about all the happy moments, every memory you shared with them. Then you stop, because you know that things will never be like before. But you again keep on thinking and thinking about all that, making your life so miserable. Though people think you have everything, you're actually left with nothing. But life goes on, no matter what, no matter how. And we live with the hope of being happy again, someday, somehow.