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Maybe He has got better plans for me
I often come across such questions from close friends,class mates acquaintances that why am I not dating someone? Why am I single even now,as most of the girls of my age are in a relationship with someone so why not me?
I always answer them with a big smile on my face that 'I don't have time for these,and I am not interested really in relationships and all'.
But deep inside my mind I always ask this question to myself that is having a boyfriend a trend these days? Isn't being single is being cool? I can do anything that pleases me without giving it a second thought.
But I firmly believe that pairs are made in heaven and Allah SWT has got better plans for us,for all His creation.I believe that He,the One and Only has made someone really really special for me.Maybe I am destined to meet him someday in life when Almighty wants.A halal relation.A strong bond.Where he will respect me equally as much as I'll do.Where he'll understand me,where he'll love me unconditionally.Where he'll deference my parents as much as I'll do to his.A relationship where He'll guide me to follow the right path.
When the world will turn against me he'll be the one to be my side and fought with the world for me
His arms will be such that I will forget my worries lying on it.
Performing salat with him is my dream and In sha Allah it will come true some day. May our lives filled with happiness
May I be the one that you have been looking for I promise that I won't never let you down. I'll love you immensely.
Hope we meet each other soon
Very soon.....